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Introducing our law firm

Jones & Booth Specializes in

Personal Injury, Estate Planning and Probate, and Civil Litigation

Introducing Our

Law Firm

There are thousands

There are thousands of law firms out there. Why should you choose Jones & Booth? Because we understand that personal injury is just that--it's personal. We look at each case through our clients' eyes. We look at each case with empathy, and with the goal of getting our clients the best service and the best settlement possible.

We don't stop there; our attorneys can also help you with real estate issues or comprehensive estate planning. Contact us today.

Our Business Sectors


Personal Injury

You've been injured in an auto accident or had a slip and fall. Now what? Our attorneys will walk you through every step of the process, from treatment to settlement.


Civil Litigation

Maybe you are having an issue with a purchase agreement. Maybe you have a tort claim or a trespass or encroachment issue. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of your real estate dispute.


Estate Planning

Our estate and probate experts can help families, individuals, and business owners protect their loved ones and plan for the future.


Probate Law

With or without a will, the settling of an estate always benefits from competent probate administration. We understand that probate administration is a delicate task that requires deep familiarity with the law. We’ll provide you with empathetic and competent resolution of your estate settlement.

It is right to give every man his due.


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Jones & Booth

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